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7 Bad Dating Habits That Can Sink Your Relationship Expained

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7 Bad Dating Habits That Can Sink Your Relationship Expained

There are certain bad dating habits that can kill your relationship faster than the speed of lightning, if care is not taken. As human beings, habits (either good or bad) are one of the factors that defines our distinctness from one another. The habit in Mr A is always different from the habit in Mr B and so on.

Mr Seyi Liadi, the CEO of Sterlingbrains Biz Dealings, once said at a youth conference that “capacity without character will lead you no where, in your path of destiny.” The implication of that quote is that without good habits, you won’t go far in life regardless of your professional skills or qualifications.

The same principle can be applied when it comes the dating relationships, courtships and even marriage. No matter the good intentions or how much you love him/her, if you don’t have good manners, the relationship won’t stand the test of time before it collapse. Sadly, some of us have one or two bad habits that have the colossal potentials of ruining our love affairs.

In this blog post, I wrote about seven of these toxic habits that do cause problems among people in love and relationships. Very briefly, these habits are discussed below:

1. Procrastination
The act of shifting what needs to be done to later dates is known as procrastination. Although, procrastination is not a crime but according to studies in Psychology, it is said to be the biggest thief of time. When you procrastinate, it delays progress, productivity and your peace of mind.
How does procrastination affects dating relationships? It makes you appear as an unserious or irresponsible fellow to your spouse. If you had assured them of one thing or the other, and you kept asking them to wait till another time, it makes them feel like they are not important to you. They won’t know you’re actually struggling with procrastination.

Well, there’s good news for you! Procrastination is not a permanent habit. It can be solved before it kills your love life. Here in the article below, I wrote about six steps I took to overcome procrastination. You can use that too!

2. Nagging & Unending Criticism
Criticism helps us to become good people, given that it’s a constructive one. But, when it becomes too much, it creates issues for both parties involved. Nagging at every wrong deed of your partner won’t do your relationship any good. Gradually, it makes them get fed up of you.

I’m talking from personal experience, I once got tired of a relationship because the lady won’t stop nagging. She pick quarrels at little errors and mistakes that should not be an issue. In the end, we had to go our separate ways, due to much personal and ideological differences. Nagging and excessive criticism will ruin that relationship. Get rid of that habit now!

3. Unforgiving Attitude
Some partners can keep malice like their whole existence depends on it. None of us is perfect, and immune to doing wrong. So, you should understand that weakness of humans. From time to time, your partner will offend you. Inability to forgive easily might hurt your relationship.

4. Not Opening Up
The moment you start to date him/her, you should become conscious of the fact that you’re now sharing a part of yourself and life with someone. Therefore you got to consider them when taking decisions and other stuffs. You’re expected to keep them afloat of your life.

But, if you can’t open up to them about your fears, sadness, happiness and so on, how do you expect him/her to connect with you on a deeper level.
Opening up helps to strengthen the bond between couples. And if you don’t open up, you’re slowly killing that love attachment. Beware!

5. Selfishness
It’s not about what you want from him/her, it’s about what you’re bringing to the table to balance the chemical equation. Love is like a balance scale that needs weight from the two sides to hit equilibrium. When you place your self interests above the feelings of your spouse, you’re doing that affair no good. The table will soon break.

6. Lack of Communication Skills
The most important thing in any relationship after love, is effective communication. Communication brings couples closer to each other, even in distant relationships. Lacking communication skills hurts the relationship silently. Before you know, you guys are tore apart already.

Work on your interpersonal and communication skills, if you crave to achieve long lasting relationships. You may need to read about the love languages and how you can apply them them to your affairs.

7. Dishonesty
The last, but not the least bad habit that destroy relationships is dishonesty. You should know love hinges on trust, and when trust is broken between a couple, I hope you know what’s gonna happen next? So, to avoid losing your loved one, strive to be as truthful to them at all times. Even if it’s gonna hurt them, remain honest with your actions and words.

There are several other bad habit that often ruin dating relationships, but the seven discussed above are more common. If you have any habit from the point above in you, it’s high time you start working on them before it kills your emotional ties with people.
If you got any questions or comments, please drop them in the comments section below. I’ll take my time to answer your queries. Thanks for reading. Please, do me a favour by sharing this post to your friends by using the share buttons. Thanks, once again! Hope you visit us again.

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