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Marlian: What Is The Meaning, Origin And How To Identify Them


Marlian: What Is The Meaning, Origin And How To Identify Them

A typical Nigerian who spends time on social media would have heard of the word “Marlian.” Not that the term is new, but in Nigeria, it has come to mean something different, particularly after the rise of famous Nigerian singer and songwriter Azeez Fashola, better known as Naira Marley.

So, what exactly does the word ‘Marlian’ mean? What does it mean and who does it apply to? This article will tell you what you need to know about it.

Meaning of “Marlian”

A Marlian is a devout supporter of controversial musician and singer Azeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley. A Marlian is someone who shares Naira Marley’s ideology and values and is supposed to not care or give a damn about pleasing the public, but to stick to their guts and be controversial.

The term “Marlian” is quickly gaining traction among those who share Naira Marley’s philosophies and beliefs. The ‘No Belt Gangs’ are another name for Marlians (NBG).

While some argue that the word ‘Marlian’ means ‘gift from God,’ it clearly has a different meaning for Naira Marley and his followers. So, if you call yourself a Marlian, you believe in Naira Marley’s values, philosophies, and viewpoints.

How To Identify A Marlian

There are many ways to identify a Marlian. Take note, you are a marlian if you:

  • Are a big fan of Naira Marley’s music.
  • If you use Indian hemp (also known as marijuana) – Igbolabi, which means “we gave birth to cannabis” (from a parent’s viewpoint, referring to you as a child).
  • You don’t seem to have a problem with drugs.
  • Are not only Naira Marley’s fans, but also share his philosophies.
  • Don’t give a damn what other people think or say as long as you’re happy.
  • Believe the cybercrime or ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ isn’t as grim as it seems.
  • Love being controversial or living a lifestyle that is controversial.
  • Believe wearing a belt is not needed. (Marlians are also known as NBGs, or No Belt Gangs.)
  • Believe that you should not graduate from university; instead, you should drop out (for undergraduates).
  • Don’t wear boxers or trousers (if you’re a woman).

Main Truth About Naira Marley & Marlians

Any of the vices that Marlians advocate for or portray in his songs are not generally encouraged by Naira Marley. Although it cannot be denied that he is divisive, his ardent supporters have used the guise of the ‘movement’ to promote agendas contrary to Marley’s.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what Marlians reflect in the comments section below!

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