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24 Motivational Yahoo Boys Quotes And Their Meanings


24 Motivational Yahoo Boys Quotes And Their Meanings

Basically, there are hundreds of Yahoo boys quotes that helps one to identify them easily. In one my of my blog posts here, I wrote about signs of a Yahoo boy that every lady should look out for, before accepting to have any serious relationship with the guy. And one of those signs to look out for is the Yahoo boys quotes.
It’s no longer news to the average human today about how online fraud has taken over the internet and cyberspace which is literally known as “Yahoo Yahoo” in most parts of Nigeria. The set of people that engage in this online scam activities are mostly young men that want to achieve financial independence the easier and faster way. As a result, they usually resort to Yahoo to defraud victims (mostly white people) of their hard-earned dollars.
Although, 419 fraud is not something to be encouraged, there is one things I found amusing about these guys, and that’s what I termed the Yahoo Boys Quotes. On playful terms, some of us that are not into Yahoo yahoo often say those phrases and words in the name of vibes and cruise. Some of them carries no positive meaning, while some of these quotes are motivational for everyone, not Yahoo boys alone.
In this blog post, I wrote about 22 Yahoo boys quotes and their literal meanings. Some of them will ginger you, while you will feel indifferent towards some others.
1. “Sleep is for the weak”
This quote literally describes the fact that Yahoo boys have to stay awake all night to communicate with their supposed clients (victims). So, when someone often say this, it mean he or she doesn’t sleep most of the nights while they work tirelessly to defraud the potential victims.
2. “Life na selfie, if anybody no gree snap you, snap yourself make you sexy”
This quote is a motivational one. It mean if nobody will push you to bring the beast in you, you gotta push yourself towards the actualization of your dreams.
3. “God over everything, steady confirmation.”
This is a quote that illustrates the need for man to place God above every other venture he engages himself.
4. “Congratulations go reach everybody. If God bless you, no loseguard your blood.”
This quote simply implies that there is a season for everyone to be celebrated. Then, if God gives you a blessing, you have to keep the success with all diligence.
5. “Your Indomie quick done no mean say who dey cook beans dry lazy. Las Las, congratulations go reach everybody.”
6. “Person wey dey manage with you fit buy your papa house. Humble yourself.”
7. “Respect who get but fear who never collect.”
8. “No joy for street, all man for himself.”
9. “Na who stay awake dey collect.”
10. “Sun wey beat us today go wash our benze tomorrow.”
This yahoo boy quote literally mean there is a day where all our works and labour will be rewarded. It is also a motivational one that mean the people that look down on you today will have no choice than to celebrate you when you become successful.
11. “Baba God, bless our hustles today, make winch no carry our clients go away”
12. “Battery wey full go still low and battery wey low go still full. Our prayer be say Make our charger no spoil.”
13. “When they say hustle is hard, it’s not by strength o because you would be shocked that Dangote no fit lift one cement.”
14. “Coz say I no be car owner today no mean sat I no go be car dealer tomorrow.”
15. “We dey On God coz 2 minutes everywhere go burst.”
16. “Nights will pay off, fear guys wey never collect.”
17. “Who sweep wey no pack, go sweep again when breeze blow.”
18. “I owe it all to my God and my momma.”
19. “Fear who never collect coz life is a general market. Anybody fit pick 2.”
20. “No be who chop first first belle full, all man get their time.”
21. “No look down on any man cause say you get today, tomorrow you fit dey answer sir to them”
22. “Ulcer Don kill patient dog, Aje wake up.”
23. “Abeg, cut soap for me!”
This quote has been a general slang that is often said when you intend to ask someone to show you the things they did to become successful at a venture.
24. “No dey whine grace.”
This yahoo boy quote mean you should never the disdain the possibility of good things coming your way as a result of good fortune.
Yahoo yahoo and online fraud is not the surest way to achieve financial independence. Yeah! It might make you rich overnight but you have to weigh the scale and consider the consequences peradventure you get caught by anti-graft agencies. You know what’s best for you!
PS: I’m sorry for not interpreting every Yahoo boys’ quote on this list. Some of them have straightforward meanings, and need no further explanation.
If you know any other quotes that Yahoo boys often say, you can drop them in the comments section. We hope to see you on our blog again!
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