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10 Secrets To Make Ladies Chase You On College Campus


10 Secrets To Make Ladies Chase You On College Campus

Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to have the attention of every lady on campus? Or are you bothered about girls not being over you, despite your cute face and sexy physique? Yeah, it happens. I had a number of handsome looking friends on campus that never had the attention of a single girl. I don’t know if you have the same issue. If you do, put your mind at rest. You came to the right place.

To be sincere with you, there’s no magic or hack to controlling the attention of honnies on college campus. You’re probably have to improve on some aspects which are well explained in this blog post.

It’s just about doing the right things. In this post, I discussed ten secrets to make ladies crush on you. Not just crushing, ladies will rush you. Lol! They are briefly discussed as follows:

1. Be Social

Are you a boring guy? Are you a nerd that doesn’t blend well with people? If Yes, it’s probably why ladies aren’t looking your way. It’s high time you start mingling with your colleagues and acquaintances. Smile at people. Adopt a friendly attitude towards strangers and friends. Participate in social events on campus. Don’t be clumsy. Ladies are wired to guys with great social attributes.

2. Be Fashionable And Smell Nice

Women are fashionable creatures. They love to take care of, and adorn their bodies. Majority of ladies are fashion freeks, and as a result, they tend to be attracted to guys with good sense of fashion. To be a fashionable guy, it’s not a must you break the bank to dress well. No! A neat pair of jean trousers with a nice looking top is enough to create the magic.

Avoid colour mismatch. Ladies are more sensitive to those little things, when it comes to fashion. A nice smelling cologne isn’t bad too. Ladies are like butterflies that loves the smell of nectar. Smelling nice bring them to you.

3. Engage In Sports & Talent Exhibitions

If you are good in sporting events, participate in any events that comes up on campus. Ladies tend to chase athletic guys. If you got a talent you can do excellently, don’t hesitate to participate in any talent exhibition show on campus. Ladies love talents, and they can fall for you, if you’re good.

4. Be Good At Humour

It’s a popular opinion that the fastest way to a woman’s heart is laughter. And that’s absolutely true. Check the guys that control the attention of ladies on campus, they know how to make the girls laugh. Work on your sense of humour. Funny guys are always attractive to the girls.

5. Get A Little Bit Of Swag

Don’t scoop around with that old-school look. Girls won’t appreciate that about you. More so, you don’t have to look or act like a gangster to impress babes. Just be cool, and add a touch of swag. That’s all.

6. Be Hygienic

Keeping a bushy or rough hair won’t help matters. Also, keeping your beards without trimming it won’t help you. It gives ladies the impression that you’re not the neat type. Wear clean clothes. Bath regularly and use deodorants. Brush your teeth everyday. These little details go a long way in drawing girls to you. If you want babes to rush you on campus, you have to look neat.

7. Take Leadership Roles

Being a leader make people to respect you, especially if you’re a good leader. Take leadership positions in your department, faculty or wherever you get the opportunity. Leadership brings out the man in you. If you don’t know, girls like Alpha males because of their ability to influence others. Being an influential leader on campus can bring a flood of ladies chasing you about. Don’t miss out on this aspect.

8. Be Great At Academics

When it comes to academics, be great at it! Academics is the primary purpose of every one on campus. The aim is to get a certification at the end of the course. Being brilliant can endear babes to you. I’m speaking from experience here. During my undergraduate days, I have tons of girls asking me out just because they want to get academic help from me. Some of those babes used to call me “Textbook,” back then. Lol!

Come to think of it, I wasn’t the best student in the faculty, but being good at academics made them come around.

9. Be Your Real Self

Ladies love real guys. Be your self. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Do your thing, and don’t go out of your way to impress anyone. Just do you! Ladies appreciate that.

10. Be Charismatic

Charisma is a function of self confidence. Develop a strong charisma. Whenever you talk to ladies, be assertive and confident, they love confident guys. If you’re the shy type, start working on it. Henceforth, start looking at ladies in the eyes during discussions. It work wonders!


Getting ladies to seek after you on campus isn’t a day job. It takes time. More so, you don’t have to do everything I discussed above, just do what works best for you, and be real. That’s all you need to make these girls rush you too.

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