Data Entry Work From Home Opportunities

By | February 16, 2024

Data entry has emerged as one of the most rapidly rising work prospects for Nigerian youth. If you are good at typing and have broad computer abilities, working in data entry may be a good idea.

It is vital to remember that Data Entry Jobs can be full-time or part-time, and they can be in any sector. Some of the issues we will examine in this post include:

What are data entry jobs?

Data entry jobs require employees to enter firm information into a computer system. This can be accomplished using spreadsheets or any other software chosen by the firm. As a result, someone with computer skills is required.

Amazingly, data entry has been around for a long time. Previously, this job was done with a typewriter and simply documented on paper. However, as technology has advanced, data entry has evolved into a completely digital employment.

Most data entry work can be completed remotely. Some of these include updating client information, transcribing, composing reports and correspondence, and updating financial records. All of these jobs can be done from home. Also, most data entry positions are advertised as Data Entry Clerks or Data Entry Operators.

Data Entry Work From Home Opportunities

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Data Entry Clerk Job Description

If you want to work in data entry, you should be familiar with the job descriptions provided by most organizations. This will allow you to understand some of the tasks associated with your position.

Create spreadsheets to keep track of vital client information and orders, and then update the information in a database.
Move data from a hard copy to a digital database.
Create accurate spreadsheets and organize existing data.
Verify old information and make any necessary adjustments to records. Examine the data for shortcomings or errors.
Operate standard office equipment such as scanners and printers.
Search for and investigate information in files.
To ensure data security, do regular database backups.
Input textual and numerical data from source documents.
When necessary, provide administrative and data entry help to other departments.
Enter data fast and efficiently, then sort/organize hard copies of papers.
Assist with specific projects that require a significant volume of data entering.
Collecting invoices, statements, reports, personal information, documents, and data from employees, other departments, and clients.
Scanning through information to find relevant information.

How much do data entry jobs pay?

Data entry jobs in Nigeria typically pay between ₦50,000 and ₦80,000 per month, as reported by compensation websites Glassdoor and Payscale. However, most data entry jobs pay by the hour, and the typical salary you earn can also be determined by your negotiation skills. Another element that influences your salary is the candidate’s level of skill.

Are data entry jobs genuine?

Data entry jobs are genuine and legitimate; yet, scammers frequently take advantage of people’s willingness, and sometimes desperation, to work in order to swindle them. While there are numerous reputable venues for finding data entry jobs, there are a few strategies you can take to recognize scammers when you encounter them. They are:

If you are given fast payment to begin work, it is possible that they are not genuine.
Requesting that you pay a fee before they can train you for the work is another red flag to watch out for while looking for data entry jobs.
If the salary for little work is significantly higher than the industry average, it may be a hoax.
When you are offered a job on the spot without an interview, chat, or assessment, this is a massive red flag.

Here are some steps you may take to avoid being scammed:

Before accepting a company’s offer, do some research on them.
Request a formal contract between you and the company.
Paying for any type of “extra training” should be avoided, no matter how persuasive it sounds.
Trust your instincts, especially if you believe something is wrong.

Who is qualified for data entry jobs?

Data entry work can be done by anyone and from anywhere as long as they have the necessary abilities. With the proper skills, students, retired workers, and undergraduates may all perform data entry tasks.

Data entry jobs require the following skills:

Typing, clerical, and communication skills
Microsoft Office Skills
Customer Service/Receptionist Administrative Assistant Written Communication Detail Oriented Data Entry Jobs

There are several venues for finding and applying for data entry jobs. We will provide you with a list of authentic data entry jobs available online.


MyJobMag is a portal where you can locate legitimate data entry jobs, both part-time and full-time. All you have to do is visit the website, join up, and then apply for jobs online. You can even configure your notification to receive new job updates when they become available.


LinkedIn, one of the most professional platforms for caregivers, is another excellent resource for finding various types of data entry jobs. Whether you choose the basic or premium subscription, you may find real data entry jobs to apply for without stress or fear of getting cheated.


Upwork is a famous platform where you may discover data entry jobs. These roles might be part-time or full-time, both within and outside of Nigeria. While it is important to be cautious of scammers on the platform, there are numerous data entry jobs available for finding and applying for.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that connects users with gigs and work opportunities. They could be monthly or more than a month long. Data entry jobs are among the gigs accessible for freelancers on the marketplace.


Freelancer is another platform that offers data entry jobs. Once you’ve signed up on the platform, you can apply for any job you discover. You can also receive notifications when new gigs become available so that you can apply for them.

Remote.Co is a portal that promotes a variety of remote employment, including data input. There are several types of part-time and full-time positions accessible for individuals who are skilled or require data entry work. By signing up on the website, you can apply for any position that you believe you are qualified for. is a portal that advertises full-time remote jobs to individuals. Data entry positions are among the opportunities available on the marketplace. After signing up, you can easily apply for any data entry.


Smartrecruiters is an internet recruitment platform that finds jobs for various companies who require them. One type of role they source is data entry, which is open to people from all over the world. You can just register on the website and be hired for your expert data entry abilities.


Quicktate is a platform that allows data entry transcribers to discover jobs and work from anywhere in the world. By signing up, you can identify customers who require data entry transcribers to transcribe for them. This website is completely focused to transcription and will be most useful to data entry candidates interested in transcribing audio to text.


This is another platform dedicated to transcribing jobs from throughout the world. They are continuously looking for qualified transcribers from around the world to join their team of specialists. Any data entry transcriber can readily locate work on the website.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a portal that offers data entry positions to applicants all over the world. With the correct data entry abilities, you can easily find work on this platform. All you have to do is sign up to start getting employment on the platform.

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In general, data entry tasks do not require extensive training or knowledge. If you have basic administrative and typing skills, you will be able to find data entry jobs more easily. The good news is that it can be completely remote, as well as part-time if you are a student.

These are the most critical things to know about data entry jobs. Please leave a remark if you have any further queries, and we will answer them.