Babysitting Jobs in the US and How to Apply2024

By | January 19, 2024

You’re looking for a part-time job that fits around your school schedule, and babysitting seems like the ideal choice. As a babysitter in the United States, you can earn a respectable living while obtaining essential experience caring for children. The idea is to discover families who need a dependable sitter and make a strong first impression.

With summer break approaching, now is the best time to begin your search. Create an ad on sites like, Sittercity, and Facebook Marketplace that highlights your experience, availability, and hourly rates. Make sure to mention any CPR or lifeguard certifications you have. Families will value your experience and enthusiasm.

Babysitting Jobs in the US

Reach out to your neighbors, the parents of the children you tutor or coach, and the local community center. Let them know you’re seeking for babysitting work and would be pleased to supply references and a resume. Some people require a sitter for date nights, while others require after-school care a few days a week. With a little luck, you’ll find the ideal match and be playing, eating, and maybe even watching a movie or two with your new charges before you know it.

Benefits of Babysitting Jobs in the United States

There are numerous perks to babysitting in the United States. For starters, the income might be very good. According to’s 2019 poll, the average hourly cost for babysitting in America is $17.73. Not too bad for a part-time job. Babysitting is also a flexible employment that can accommodate your school schedule or other commitments. You establish your own hours and availability, so you may work as much or as little as you desire.

Babysitting also gives you significant professional experience, which looks fantastic on college applications and resumes. Caring for children develops patience, responsibility, and problem-solving abilities. Parents will grow to rely on and trust you, and if you do well, they will be able to provide references for future jobs.

Another advantage is that babysitting opportunities are plentiful and easy to discover. You can find employment postings on websites such as, Sittercity, and UrbanSitter. Alternatively, place an ad in community Facebook groups, NextDoor, or on local bulletin boards. With millions of busy parents in America, there is a high demand for competent, trustworthy babysitters.

Once you have several gigs, you’ll realize that babysitting can be a lot of fun. You may bond with adorable children, play games, read stories, and perform arts & crafts. The time normally passes fast, and you may build long-term ties with the families and children.

While the work isn’t always glamorous, babysitting has so many advantages that it’s worth exploring, whether as a source of extra income or to earn experience for a future career. The benefits of this employment can be genuinely life-changing.

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Where to Find Babysitting Jobs in the United States?

Finding babysitter employment in the United States is easier than ever before, thanks to the abundance of options available. Here are some of the best strategies to acquire babysitting jobs:

  1. Online job portals., Sittercity, and Babysits are websites that let babysitters connect with families. You can establish a free profile that showcases your experience, availability, and prices. Families will contact you directly for opportunities that match their requirements. These websites are simple to use, and many parents choose to discover babysitters this way.

  1. Local Facebook groups.

Search Facebook for “babysitting” and your city or neighbourhood name. Many communities have special groups where parents may post when they need a babysitter. Comment on posts that match your availability and experience. Build your reputation by doing an excellent job and inviting parents to offer feedback or recommendations for you in the group.

  1. Inform family, friends, and neighbours.

Don’t underestimate the strength of your personal network. Inform everyone you know that you are available for babysitting gigs. Provide information about the ages of the children you have worked with, your rates, and when you are available to sit. Word-of-mouth and personal referrals are simple ways to get new customers.

  1. Place an ad in local publications.

Advertise your babysitting services in local newspapers, parenting publications, community newsletters, and Facebook sites. Make sure to include information about your experience, availability, prices, and how parents may reach you. These ads, while outdated, continue to be effective and help establish you as a reliable local childcare resource.

With patience and a variety of strategies, you’ll be scheduling babysitting jobs in no time. The objective is to establish genuine connections with families in need of childcare and provide the greatest possible experience for their children.

How to Make Your Babysitting Resume Standout

To stand out from the mass of babysitter applications, you should have a résumé that demonstrates why you’re the best fit for the position. Here are some suggestions to make your babysitting resume shine:

  1. Focus on Relevant Experience

Include any previous babysitting employment, internships in daycares or summer camps, tutoring, coaching, or volunteer work with children. Provide information about the ages of the children you cared for and your responsibilities. If you have limited formal experience, mention abilities learned while caring for younger siblings or neighbours. Parents want to see that you can appropriately oversee and interact with children.

  1. Highlight Your Skills and Qualities.

Discuss qualities that would make you an outstanding babysitter, such as patience, creativity, responsibility, and punctuality. Mention that you have a fun, energetic personality and enjoy engaging in activities with children such as pretend play, arts and crafts projects, reading books, and playing games. You may say you have a caring instinct and treat children with care, compassion, and dignity.

  1. Include certifications.

Any additional childcare certificates would help to boost your resume. Include things like babysitter certification, CPR certification, or a degree in early childhood education. These credentials reflect your competency and dedication to the position.

  1. Provide references.

Include two or three references from someone who can attest to your abilities as a babysitter, such as former employers, teachers, coaches, or mentors. Make sure you ask for their permission first and provide their name, relationship, phone number, and email address. Solid recommendations from people who are familiar with your work with children might help persuade parents that you are the best fit for the position.

  1. Customize your resume.

Customize your résumé for each babysitting position. Consider the ages of the children in the family and any relevant experience with those age groups. Mention the family by name and share your excitement about the opportunity to care for their children. Parents will appreciate your attention to detail and concern for their individual requirements.

A polished, professional CV that highlights your experience, talents, credentials, and references will help you get the ideal babysitting job. With the correct résumé, you’ll be well on your way to landing a fulfilling and enjoyable job caring for children.


So there you have it, some suggestions and strategies for getting a babysitting job. The journey may take time, but be patient and persistent. Polish up your resume, spread the word, look out websites, and don’t be scared to start small. Once you’ve gotten your foot in the door, demonstrate to the family that you’re an excellent, entertaining, and responsible babysitter. Build up your references and expertise, and you’ll be running your own babysitting business in no time. The kids will adore you, the parents will shout your praises, and you’ll have a pretty good source of cash. Now, get out there and start applying!

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